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Thermogenic Powder for Fat Loss Support Caffeine, Teacrine®, Taurine & Vegan Aminos, Full Label Disclosure with BSCG Drug Free Certification
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Christian G.
United States United States
Olympus thermogenic

The pre workout is great! I will definitely buy it again

Stetson T.
United States United States
A Jump of Energy But No Thermo Kick

Jump Thermogenic is a concentrated pre-workout, weighing in at 5.6 grams and delivering 13 active ingredients designed to enhance energy and fat loss. Jump Thermo comes in 50 serving tubs and retails for about $45. It's currently on a deal for $38.24 currently. At the usual retail price at BB.com, each serving costs $0.90, which is generally good cost value to get any pre-workout serving for $1 or less per serving. FORMULA = 9/10 Jump! has a good profile that is strengthened by doubling the serving. This choice cuts into the cost value but really increases the effectiveness of the product. At two scoops, Jump! deliver smooth yet intense energy that is really excellent for powering cardio sessions. The 300 mg of caffeine with 310 mg of theacrine and 200 mg of Dynamine and 1 gram of ALCAR. This formula is a great energy and focus blend. If anything, I expected a lot more intensity out of Jump based on the profile. It is smoother than I expected, which at least is a big benefit for cardio because it doesn't cause tachycardia. The only additions that I think would really added to the profile would maybe be alpha-GPC or capsaicin for a little more CNS and thermogenic effects. EFFECTS = 9/10 Jump! Thermo, as I mentioned above, does deliver smooth and intense energy at a consistent clips. I did expect a little more intensity given the profile but maybe I've grown a little stim tolerant. I have really enjoyed cardio and lifting with Jump, and can consistently perform at a high level for hours and hours without crash and with much delayed fatigue. I am very happy with the effect of Jump, but would have loved to see a bit more of the thermogenic effects from it. It isn't really making be break into quick and heavy sweats more than usually experience with any other form of caffeine and exercise. TASTE = 7/10 The bombsicle flavor is a mild berry-like flavor with a little bit of a tart aftertaste. However, the product has some minor mixability issues causing the texture to be somewhat chalky. A smother finish with greater solubility would make Jump easier to use and enjoy. Overall, the flavor is still pleasant. It is generally more enjoyable with more water. My take on Jump! Thermogenic OVERALL = 9/10

Yusuf K.
The sports drinks I've ever had 11/10!

I picked up the Raspberry-Cherry pop flavour of jump because I was so impressed with the profile. Not going to lie I was expecting it to taste like crap but it's actually one of the best tasting sports drinks I've ever had 11/10! But, more importantly my energy levels 8 weeks into a cut have never been so high and it really helps suppress my appetite. This will be a staple in my cutting stack from now on! Great Job Olympus Lyfestyle.