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Experience the Difference; A Promise
that Provides

Our Promises Protein (Lean & Toned) is exclusively designed to promote a healthy
lifestyle; whether you’re a fitness fanatic, active individual, or a health enthusiast, our
promise is providing you with wholesome nutrition that tastes BETTER.

. 23 grams of protein per serving
. Premium whey/casein blend
. Optimal BCAA and amino acid profile with NO SPIKING
. Non-essential Glutamine improves immune function for faster muscle recovery
. Velositol® booster enhances Muscle Protein Synthesis for maximum muscle hypertrophy
. Lower calorie formula makes it a great alternative to other sugary, fattening cereal options
. Formulated with fast and slow-digesting protein sources
. Devised with DigeZyme®, a multi-enzyme complex, to enhance absorption and deliver smooth digestion
. Incredible, mouthwatering REAL cereal-inspired flavor
. Full label disclosure; non-proprietary blend features no banned substances

Benefits of Regular Protein Consumption

Stimulates muscle growth - ample protein proportions paired with essential amino acids work to build lean muscle mass.
Optimizes post - workout recovery- sufficient protein and essential amino acids support the repair and renewal of broken-down muscle tissue.
Provides adequate nutrition - essential macronutrient delivers necessary nutrition and the daily fuel your body needs to function.

Experience the Special Benefits of Promises
Lean & Toned Protein

Delivers an unbelievable taste - Our innovative protein blend boasts mind-blowing, mouthwatering flavor, that tastes like your favorite cereal. Perfect as a healthier alternative to cereal breakfasts and great for making tasty smoothies, baking protein goodies, and indulging your sweet tooth without the guilt.
Made with REAL cereal pieces - Unlike other imitators that try to capture cereal-inspired flavors, our pioneering protein is made with authentic cereal pieces for genuine flavor you have to experience to believe
Promotes better digestion - integrated multi-enzyme agents (DigeZyme) aid in digestion by reducing common bloating, cramping, and inflammation for seamless absorption
Enhances muscle growth - Our barrier-breaking formula features Velositol, which is a revolutionary ingredient that accelerates muscle cell absorption to encourages muscle protein synthesis for greater muscle growth and quicker muscle recovery.

Low Protein Diets: A Major Concern

With hectic schedules and busy day-to-days, it’s not only super easy to choose the less healthier food option, but it’s common to lose track of protein intake. This omnipresent problem not only causes you to feel lethargic, irritable, and feeble, under the surface, a bigger issue is unraveling. The complications from a low protein diet can result in the body idling in a Muscle Protein Breakdown state, which causes lean muscle mass to diminish. And while many milk-based protein powders deliver adequate protein, the majority of them also bring an onslaught of gastrointestinal discomfort, which includes bloating, inflammation, gas, and nausea.

A Promise that Delivers

In order to correct this common issue, our protein powder is specially-formulated with both fast and slow absorption properties along with digestive enzymes (DigeZyme) to ensure the smooth digestion of protein without bloating, inflammation, or uncomfortable gas while delivering immediate and sustained nutrition throughout the day. This special blend (Lean & Toned) also features the revolutionary Velositol agent, which enhances Muscle Protein Synthesis to deliver quicker muscle growth and faster muscle recovery. Our exclusive formula was contrived to meet all fitness objectives so you can go harder, recover faster, and look and feel the best you ever have.

Experience the Difference; A Promise
that Provides

Our Promises Protein (Lean & Toned) is exclusively designed to promote a healthy lifestyle; whether you’re a fitness fanatic, active individual, or a health enthusiast, our promise is providing you with wholesome nutrition that tastes BETTER.

Is your Protein Keeping its Promise?

Take a look to find out!

PROMISES amongst leading competitors is the ONLY protein utilizing 2 protein sources, full label disclosure, digestive enzymes, Velositol, a full BCAA and amino acid profile without amino fillers or spiking!


Our groundbreaking, clump-free protein is formulated to be enjoyed on the go;
simply add a scoop to your shaker cup along with 6-10 fl. oz. of water, milk, or your favorite
beverage, shake well, and sip!
Sweet versatile taste makes it the perfect ingredient for adding healthy protein to
baked goodies, drinks, and breakfast favorites, including brownies, muffins, coffee,
smoothies, pancakes, waffles, and so much more.

Are you Ready to Experience the Promise?


Why is this formula designated as Lean and Toned?
This special edition protein combines whey concentrate and instant micellar casein while utilizing a full amino acid and BCAA profile with the groundbreaking Velositol complex to deliver an optimal formula for stimulating lean muscle mass and encouraging muscle growth so you can attain a lean and toned body composition.

Is Velositol safe?
Yes, of course! Not only is our protein 100% banned substance-free, but our incorporation of Velositol is clinically-backed to not only guarantee effectiveness but also safety.

Will taking protein make me gain weight?
A very common misconception, but protein is extremely versatile, meaning it can be utilized to enhance any health and fitness objective. Consuming more protein can result in adding more muscle mass but using protein as a meal replacement or in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise program can actually help lose fat. Depending on your workout and diet regimen, you can take protein to achieve whatever fitness goal you desire.

Will this protein cause bloating or indigestion?
No, our Promises blend is formulated with DigeZyme, which is a multi-enzyme complex. This special compound features broad-acting enzymes that help break down carbohydrates, lactose, cellulosic fibers, fats, and proteins, making the digestion of whey-sourced proteins super easy on the body while effectively reducing bloating, gas, and cramping.

When is the best time to take protein?  
While consuming certain proteins are recommended at specific times during the day, our revolutionary formula combines 4 protein sources so you can take protein any time of day. Included fast-acting isolate and concentrate protein makes it perfect for taking following a workout and slow-acting casein protein makes it perfect for taking right before bed, so your muscles are nourished throughout the night.

How does Promises differ from other cereal protein supplements?
Our protein not only contains popular cereal-inspired flavors, but it’s formulated using real cereal pieces, so what you’re tasting is authentic cereal flavor. Is protein a legal supplement? Yes, protein is 100% legal. It is considered the most essential macronutrient, which means it is REQUIRED for survival.

Is protein recommended for men or for women?
Protein is a crucial macronutrient, which means both men and women require it for optimal health. Whether you’re looking to add muscle mass, lose unwanted body fat, or simply attain the nutrition your body needs, protein is a must-have for any individual.

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