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Rasp-Cherry Lemon Pop Flavored Stimulant Free Pre-Workout Powder for Pumps & Mental Focus. 6G L-Citrulline, 3G L-Taurine & 2G Of Peak02™ per 2 Scoops, BSCG Certified Drug Free with a Fully Disclosed Label
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Kristoph B.
best lyfestyle product

works fantastic

Stetson T.
United States United States
Unforgiving Pumps but Could Use a Few More Actives

FORMULA = 8/10 No Mercy's formula starts with a strong 3 ingredients: 3 g l-citrulline, 1.5 g taurine, and 1 g Peak O2, but the remainder of the formula seems largely superfluous: tart cherry, green tea extract (Vaso6), S7, and Sceletium tortuosum. These ingredients are interesting, especially for their potential although largely under validated effects, but I'm not sure they are warranted in a stim-free pre-workout. I would have loved to see beta-alanine, betaine, agmatine, creatine, or glycerol making its way into the formula. I understand the desire to privilege acute-acting ingredients over long-term acting ergogens in preworkouts, but I think the actives I mentioned would make for a more well-rounded formula. However, the 3 grams of pure l-citrulline is an impressive inclusion but it is doing the heavy lifting in this product. No Mercy retails 40 serving tubs for $45 (though there is a 15% off deal running currently). Given that this is a formula many, including myself, will double scoop each serving will be $2.25 at the retail price. This makes for a somewhat pricey stim-free product. EFFECTS = 8/10 No Mercy is a stim-free preworkout so in the effects dimension, it obviously can't measure up to stim-based preworkouts and shouldn't be compared to them. However, it does support muscle pumps very well. I have really enjoyed doing upper body, especially arm workouts with No Mercy. The pumps are full, vascular, and long-lasting. It is nice to have a product to depend on when looking for a great pump. TASTE = 7/10 No Mercy bombsicle tastes very similar to Jump! Thermo's bombsicle though the bitterness from any stims is completely absent but the bombsicle flavor is slightly bolder. It is a pleasant flavor but the texture is somewhat chalky. I would like to see better solubility so I generally will use more water with No Mercy. Preliminary Take OVERALL = 8/10